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Evie’s Bed

Evie has cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. This means she has physical and cognitive disabilites. She only walks short distances with assistance in terms of balance, coordination, and has no sense of safety. At the age of four, she had reached the stage where sleeping in her parents’ bed was not good for her or her parents. A sleeping environment that could keep her safe through the night was needed.

Her parents had a small four poster bed and this was the basis of our modifications. We introduced padding to keep Evie from banging her head and added netting to keep her safe. This allows her to look out and her parents to look in. Evie loves her bed and is now sleeping much better.


Evie bed 1Evie in bed



Barry’s Art

Barry has Multiple Sclerosis, which severely limits his movements. He wanted to express himself through painting but was unable to use a brush. Remap were asked to help. We enlisted the help of four University of Brighton students, studying Product Design. They came up with a brilliant solution, basically a giant Biro tip attached to Barry’s wheelchair. The plastic parts are all made using a 3D printer making the device easy to reproduce for others. The nib is a large ball bearing.


The artist at work

The business end


A finished work

Refilling the reservoir



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